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Steps involved in registering a Segregated Portfolio Company ("SPC")

27 March 2013

Part XIV of the Companies Law (2012 Revision) (as amended) (the "Companies Law") permits any exempted company to apply to the Registrar of Companies to be registered as a segregated portfolio company ("SPC"). Exempted companies regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA") also require the permission of CIMA to register as a SPC.


Once registered as a SPC, an exempted company can create and operate one or more segregated portfolios with the benefit  benefit of statutory segregation of assets and liabilities between portfolios.


Click on the link below for a breakdown of the following:

1) Costs of Setting up SPCs

2) Application and Structural Benefits of SPCs

3) Breakdown of the key features of an SPC


Cayman Islands Segregated Portfolio Companies