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Oppenheimer's 2014 Investment Performance Review

06 January 2015

This article is a great summary of the investment performance from an asset class and asset-management point of view for the year ending December 31, 2014. It discusses the following:

  • The Performance of the US Equity Market during 2014

  • The performance of the Non US Equity Market during 2014

  • The performance of the Fixed Income Market during 2014.

  • The performance of the managed portfolios versus the benchmark

  • It also analyses the challenges that were faced by investors during 2014.

The article also discusses the forecasts for 2015 noting the following:

  • That market consensus is that the Fed will begin to raise rates during the current year with the impact that this will have on the market being uncertain.  These rate increases are expected to be gradual.

  • It also notes that the growing uncertainty with the European market could impact on the performance of the US Multinationals.

Oppenheimer's 2014 Investment Peformance Review Article