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All you need to know

Benefits of Setting Up a Captive

Increased Coverage options

Access to the Reinsurance Market

Protection from Market Fluctuations

Lower Insurance Costs

Diversification into a profit center

Cash Flow Benefits

Potential Tax Benefits

Risk Management Incentives

Types of Captives

Single Parent Captive

Association Captive

Agency Captive

Segregated Portfolio Company "SPC"

Risk Retention Group "RRG"


Benefits of Setting up a Captive


The formation of a captive is appropriate for any organisation whose costs of risk justify the expense of operating and establishing a captive. At Global Captive Management, we know that a captive is not the right fit for all clients  and we are always prepared to provide frank and bold guidance to prospective clients in assessing what, if any, type of captive  is the best fit for them.


Utilising our in house tax expertise as well as years of experience and expertise in the captive market, we are able to analyse what benefits potential clients would gain from setting up a captive as well as identifying any potential pitfalls that a potential client may not have considered.


Types of Captives


A captive insurance company was originally one which insured only the risks of it's parent and, hence, was "captive" to it as it was it's only source of business. The term has since become used for any insurance company set up in a captive domicile, and not regulated as a normal insurance company. 


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